Christa Z. La Natra was born and raised in Alabama, Florida, Texas & even Hawaii by a busy, working single mother. She was taught to be humble and independent from an early age & her lonely childhood led to her voyeurism and curiosity in the human condition. She has been drawing portraits and realism as well as studying expression since she was 3. She gets her inspiration from what she sees and encounters in life; from her tattoo clients to her loved ones to TV, film & pop-culture. She also has a very long list of artists she keeps up with from fellow tattooers & painters to sculptors & cake decorators.

Christa graduated with honors in June 2012 with a bachelor’s degree from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She has been published & interviewed multiple times & exhibits her work nationally. She also paints live at TattooLaPalooza in Miami & sells her work via live auction. She is currently working on a new series called “Fractured Souls” which will be exhibited in 2016 & her figurative-realism oil paintings can be viewed at her gallery/studio in Dania Beach, FL.

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